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Mindful Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Mindful Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Stress is an emotional feeling that comes from any event that can make a person feel angry, nervous, or frustrated. To put it simply, stress is our body’s reaction to challenge a situation that seems difficult to handle. However, you must understand that stress comes in both forms, negative and positive.

Stress can help us in avoiding dangers or help us meet an impossible deadline. With stress comes its kin – anxiety. Anxiety is our body’s way of signaling that it is experiencing stress. Anxiety isn’t always bad either, similar to stress, it can also prompt us to take action on our current life situation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a limited amount of everything is beneficial. The problem arises when stress and anxiety become a permanent thing. It is when you are always on alert, finding reasons to be stressed and anxious in life. This is when you need help.

Here are some ways to calm anxiety

· Be attentive towards the present moment – Become aware of your present situation. When you give yourself a break from all those thoughts that are running in your mind and live in the present moment, you tend to break the cycle of anxious thoughts.

· Focus on your breathing – This never gets old. Concentrate and center all your attention towards your breathing. This will take away your focus from those negative thoughts and focus the attention on the inhaling and exhaling process.

· Move your body – A little stretching, some kind of body movement can help you break that chain of thoughts.

Mindfulness is another practice that can help with anxiety. Being mindful of your thoughts means thinking your decision through. Here’s how mindfulness can help calm anxious feelings:

· Mindfulness is when you can feel and acknowledge every emotion that you feel. Worries, irritations, memories, and all the emotions that can otherwise bring an upheaval in your life.

· Mindfulness allows you to explore the real reason that causes stress and worry. This means you assess the root cause of your problem and don’t just give away to anxious emotions.

· It is kind of creating a space between your worries, so they don’t affect your mental health. When you begin to understand the underlying causes of your apprehension, a sense of freedom and spaciousness naturally emerge.

The first step towards any change is always to identify the root cause of the problem. In some cases, the root cause usually is a lack of self-care. Your body often gives you signals to inform you of a danger, or when something is wrong. Don’t ignore these signals, rather, act upon them. I’m sure most of you must be feeling that it is easier said than done, I agree. To ensure a smooth path towards a better life, you can take the help of various energy healing modalities like Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T), or the old treasure of, Meditation. Each energy healing modality has an expert coach, who understands and has an in-depth knowledge of the specific healing method. With the use of these healing modalities, I can help you cope up with anxious and stressful thoughts in following ways-

· Emotional Freedom Technique – Emotional Freedom Technique is a treatment for physical pain as well as emotional distress. This healing modality majorly focuses on the energy hot spots. This helps restore the body’s energy.

· Theta Healing – Theta Healing is an emotional healing technique that can help you focus your thoughts on addressing as well as releasing the negative emotional attachments.

· Meditation – Meditation helps people stay calm and focused on positive thoughts. Meditation can work wonders when it comes to helping you calm stressful and anxious thoughts.

The road towards holistic health starts with the right guidance. For all the people presently dealing with some trouble in life that is causing emotional distress can turn their life for better with Energy Healing Modalities. I’m a certified Holistic coach and an experienced healer, I can help you bring positive changes in your life. Book a session with me and witness an improvement in your quality of life. You can avail discounts on sessions when you book through my website www.nehabali.com. You can also connect with me on Whatsapp

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