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Let the Vibrations do the Talking!

Vibrations govern our life. It is what we call “vibes”. The very law of nature suggests that everything has a vibration attached to it. We are taught that everything is composed of atoms. These are the smallest functional units that are always in a constant state of motion. Similarly, everything has a vibration attached to it, our thoughts, sound, everything. Everything that manifests life has a vibration to it.

Ever wondered how you can keep the vibrations high, even when the world around you seems confused and lost? People often talk about keeping super high vibrations, but do they even know the real meaning and the way to achieve it? Vibration has no measuring unit attached with it. Each individual has their own vibration and frequency. For instance, someone with a difficult lifestyle might see life with a positive perspective and thus have positive and high vibrations. On the other hand, a person who has all the luxuries, but whose mind is clouded with pessimistic thoughts will generate negative and low vibes. This vibration is like our signature. It is what defines us as a person.

Light thought, kindness, love and hope, are all high on vibrations. Your Good vibes can reach other people and help them feel cheered up and positive. Whereas, if you vibrate at a low vibrational energy of feelings like anger, resentment, or hatred then your colleagues or friends would like to avoid and thus stay away from you.

Here are some ways to raise your vibrations and attract high level of positivity, love, abundance, creativity, positivity, and harmonious relationships.

· Be aware of your thoughts – All that you think, governs your reality. When you change your thoughts to positive, you become positive. Easier said, than done, right? How about this, the next time you feel a negative thought, take some time out and acknowledge all that you have.

The power of gratitude raises your energy.

· Be conscious of what you eat – Some foods have the power to raise your vibrancy level, like organic food products. Organic food refers to the food items that are produced without the use of chemicals or preservatives. This makes it easier for the body to digest and consumes less of your body’s energy in the digestion process. Organic foods leave your body agile, active, and energetic.

· Drink enough water – Always drink enough water to eliminate the toxicity of the body. Toxicity can reduce the vibrations of the body.

· Meditate – sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and just practice breathing. Breathe in and out. A scattered brain leaves us anxious, and confused. When you meditate your spirit calms down and you achieve a peaceful state of mind.

· Feel the Gratitude – Being grateful takes your body to a different vibrational frequency. Be grateful for what you have and thank the universe for what it serves you with and how blessed a life you have.

· Kindness costs nothing – High vibrational frequency is achieved with a simple act of kindness. When you give someone something with no expectations, you raise your vibrations. The happier you feel, the more abundance you bring into your life.

Each small step towards raising the positivity of your vibes can bring a huge change in your overall personality. Your Vibes are a part of your Holistic Health. When you start to work on your holistic health you will identify the blockages that are keeping you from achieving well-being and abundance in your life. It is important that you work on yourself, and if you need some help on your path towards self-discovery, a certified holistic coach is your best option.

I’m a Holistic Practitioner and a Coach of Healing Modalities, with over 21 years of experience. Book a free consultation with me and know about techniques like – Theta Healing and Emotional Freedom Techniques (E.F.T) that can help you with maintaining a positive vibe. You can book a session with me through my website or contact me through WhatsApp @ +971 56 153 2275.