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Lesser Known Facts about Energy Healing!

Lesser Known Facts about Energy Healing!

Have you heard of positive and negative vibes? Do you feel the energy in the room change as someone positive enters, or the complete ambience shift, with intense and serious conversation? All this and more comes under the broad umbrella of energy.

Energy is a quantitative driving force behind all the functions of our life. It can be better understood as the backbone of any process that takes place. Energy affects our daily activities, hence, a holistic practice of energy healing helps activate the body’s subtle energy system and remove any blockages. The spectrum of energy healing is vast and can’t be all enveloped into one definition.

So here are some facts that are unknown to most.

· Scientific principles govern the art of Energy Healing

Remember the physics class? Matter is made up of molecules? This holds true in every case. Every healing modality functions on scientific rules. Each energy healing technique has scientific basis attached to it.

· Energy Healing works for everyone

Energy healing is not visible to the naked eyes, just like the law of gravity, even though you live with it every second. Both things are as real as air but you can only feel it.

Energy healing works well for everyone. Anytime is a great time to visit an energy healer. All that is required is to go with an open mind for maximum benefits. If you are going through some stress in your life, feeling anxious, or physically drained then an energy healing session can be a great stress buster and healer for you.

· Research on body’s energy centers has been in action for thousands of years

Energy Healing Modalities are not a new phenomenon. They have been in existence from years and researches have proved them to be extremely effective in unclogging human’s blocked energy. One such technique is – Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T). It is an alternative treatment for emotional distress and physical pain. Research has time and again proven how E.F.T. creates a balance in the body’s energy flow to treat pain and distress.

· There are different Energy Healing Modalities

There are different types of energy healing modalities offered by holistic coaches, who have expertise in the specific niche. The first step towards healing would be to find a healer that you feel a connection with. The best way to make this choice would be by attending some sessions or free consultation. See how you feel about the healer. If you are new to the concept of energy healing and wish to get some help from an expert, book a free consultation with me. As an experienced intuitive, coach, and holistic therapist, I can help you navigate your life in a more meaningful way and move towards a purposeful existence.

· Boost Your Energy flow Regularly

Cleanse your energy regularly. Make it a daily activity like you would shower or brush the teeth. Get in touch with an energy healer for all the right techniques and ways to ensure that good vibes keep flowing. Whenever you sense the heaviness creeping back into your body, do activities that rejuvenate and boost the energy flow of your body. For starters, you can try taking a bath in the Epsom or pink Himalayan salt for 20 minutes. Smudging, or burning sage around you, will also support your energy field’s clear negativity. Finally, high-vibe crystals have their own soothing properties that can help provide a little boost to your energy.

Now you have uncovered some myths regarding Energy Healing. Remember, it is not an alternative to Modern Medicine. While Modern Medicine is important to heal you physically, Energy Healing is allows you to heal Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally.

For all the people who are presently dealing with some trouble with their flow of energy, I can help you in your pursuit of a happy and healthy life with different modalities. I’m a certified Holistic coach and an experienced healer, focused towards helping you bring in changes in your life. Now, you can avail discount on sessions when you book through my website. You can also connect with me on Whatsapp @ +971 56 153 2275.