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What is Family Constellation?

“As the family is, so is life”. – Bert Hellinger

Family Constellation established by Bert Hellinger is based on the principle of the interconnectedness of all things so that each person within a family, going back generation upon generation, has an equal place of belonging within that family. Patterns, events and burdens from the past are carried down and repeated through generations, leaving an emotional, physical and spiritual imprint on the individual. Through Family Constellation workshops, you explore these transgenerational patterns and address them in a family like atmosphere.

In a single session, Family constellation can reveal deeper truths about our families and ourselves that can heal, transform, liberate and radically change our lives for the better.

Benefits of Family Constellation

  • Creates a healthy image of your Family.
  • Improves relationships with family members, friends and colleagues.
  • Increases feelings of empathy, love and compassion in you.
  • It reveals hidden and inner dynamics of your family affecting you adversely.
  • It heals generations behind and ahead of sabotaging beliefs and wows.
  • Restores balance in the family so that burdens and traumas don't get passed on to decedents.
  • It transforms your past into a source of strength.
  • Few sessions required to resolve the issues.

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