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Let the Vibrations do the Talking!

Vibrations govern our life. It is what we call “vibes”. The very law of nature suggests that everything has a vibration attached to it. We are taught that everything is composed of atoms. These are the smallest functional units that are always in a constant state of motion. Similarly, everything has a vibration attached to it, our thoughts, sound, everything....

Lesser Known Facts about Energy Healing!

Lesser Known Facts about Energy Healing!

Have you heard of positive and negative vibes? Do you feel the energy in the room change as someone positive enters, or the complete ambience shift, with intense and serious conversation? All this and more comes under the broad umbrella of energy. Energy is a quantitative driving force behind all the functions of our life. It can be better understood as...

Mindful Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Mindful Solutions for Stress and Anxiety Stress is an emotional feeling that comes from any event that can make a person feel angry, nervous, or frustrated. To put it simply, stress is our body’s reaction to challenge a situation that seems difficult to handle. However, you must understand that stress comes in both forms, negative and positive. Stress can help us in...

Your Subconscious Can Heal You!

Subconscious is a collection of memories, thoughts, and emotions that have been gathered over the years. This explains how you distinctly remember and can recall childhood incidents. Our subconscious is responsible for about 90% of life’s actions. From the beating of the heart to feeling emotions, as well as remembering memories, it is all handled by our subconscious. The conscious mind...

The Dimensions of Holistic Healing

To adopt a way of life that leads towards Holistic health or to utilize the holistic healing methods to recoup from any injury or illness, you need to be aware of the dimensions around you. Here are the six dimensions you must know about: • Environment – It has been observed that seasons bring different vibes and moods with them. So pay attention...

The Six Dimensions of Holistic Healing

"Health is wealth" is an age-old proverb that means that one’s health is one’s greatest wealth. Health and wellness cover a broader horizon. What is holistic health, you may ask? Holistic health is an overall sum of all the choices you make in life. it is about staying connected with all the three major elements of your existence, mind, spirit,...